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The Prinkprint Tour in Sweden

Publicerad 2015-03-17 21:28:50 i Dress up n be yourself, Simple thing in life,

Yeah, finally I got the chance to see Nicki Minaj live yesterday... You know what I'm talking about - The Pinkprint Tour that we all were looking for!! That was no doubt the best consert I've ever been on in my entire life.
Nicki is not da world's best female rapper - she's da goddest of all da world's rappers. Her voice, her style, her attitude - everything about her is unique in its own way... I got everything I could ever wish I'd feel at a live consert - you got the queen, you got the dopest music, the best scene, the best opening-singers (another female rapper - and she was so f**king awesome too, Treyz Song also did a great jobb), the best dancers (I couldn't take my eyes of them...), you got to dance more than you've ever been in club and also... you got emotional. Her music and her lyrics could easily touch your heart, made u feel what she could feel when she's down and being hurt.

After all, this consert made me hungry for more, more Nicki, more of her music, more live consert of her like this...
Simply, her music just make my life feel completed.



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