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Happy Lunar New Year!

Publicerad 2014-01-31 09:43:47 i Nomnomnomnom, Simple thing in life,

It's Lunar New Year's Eve yesterday and actually, it's my zodiac's year, the horse!! My and auntie's family had a small celebration with good food and just enjoyed being together. It may sounds strange 4 those who doesn't celebrate Lunar New Year but happy new year once again 4 all of u, wish u da best year ever! Enjoy it as much as u can cause u only live once <3<3<3
(This pic is from here)
Me n my lil' cousin were so stuffed so we could hardly move XDDD
In this pic we were waiting 2 attack da food 4 da second round (Y)
And u know what... We are goin to Juste Debout Streetstar Festival 2014 today!!! Yiiihoooo :D:D:D:D


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