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Taekwondo & dance in one

Publicerad 2014-05-30 16:04:00 i Dancing is da reflection of ur soul,

Two of mah favorite activities in one <3
It was a while ago since I praticed and competed in Taekwondo and but it still means so much for me,
and you all know what I feel about dance.
Missing old times with our Taekwondo club and friends... It was one of the best time in my life.
Watch these amazing fighter combine taekwondo with dance!

Nostalgi pic, Patti and me


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Welcome to my place! I'm a 24 years old girl from Sweden living in London right now and studying at London College of Fashion. Thanks for following my journey and let me sharing my passion for fashion, dancing and traveling. I hope to be able to inspire you guys im some ways and I believe that you definately inspire me back!

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